A conventional meteor roles package. Add permissions to roles, assign roles to users.
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Meteor role based access control


Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC) is a policy neutral access control mechanism defined around roles and privileges. The components of RBAC such as role-permissions, user-role and role-role relationships make it simple to do user assignments. This package attempts to provide a loose implementation of role based access control(without hierarchial roles to avoid complexity).


First step is to create a role and add permissions allowed for the role.

Creating a role and specifying it's permissions

    Roles.createRole('Editor', ['add-posts',' delete-posts']);

New role editor which can add and delete posts

Adding additional permissions for a role

    Roles.addRolePermissions('Editor', ['edit-posts']); // Add 'edit-posts' permission to Editors

Editors can now edit posts as well

Revoke permissions for a role

    Roles.createRole('Editor', []);
    Roles.revokeRolePermissions('Editor', ['add-posts']); // Revokes 'add-posts' permission from Editors

Editors can no longer add posts

Set user roles

delete existing roles for user and specify new set of roles for user

    Roles.setuserRoles(userId, ['Administrator']); // sets user indicated by userId to 'Administrator' role

Now this user can perform all the functions that a administrator is allowed to do but can no longer perform editor functions

Assign roles to user

    Roles.assignRolesToUser(userId, ['Editor']); // adds 'Editor' role to user indicated by userId

Now this user can perform all the functions that a editor is allowed to do in addition to administrator roles assigned to it earlier.

Remove user from roles

    Roles.removeUserFromRoles(userId, ['Editor']);

Get user roles

    Roles.getUserRoles(userId); // Returns an array of all roles that this user belongs to

Get user permissions

    Roles.getUserPermissions(userId); // Returns an array of all permissions that this user is allowed

Check if a user can perform a action

    Roles.userIdCan(userId, 'add-posts'); // Returns true or false depending on weather the user has this permission
    Roles.userCan('add-posts'); // Returns true or false depending on weather the logged in user has this permission


This package copies blatantly from open source code and is inspired by other packages like alanning:meteor-roles and radzserg:rbac but provides a more traditional interpretation of roles and permissions. Additional complexities (like special priveleges outside a role for some users) could be provided but is skipped to keep things simple and fast, especially when it comes to checking a user's permissions and roles.



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