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CompUnit::Search - Search through compunits


Search through compunits

    use CompUnit::Search;

    my @modules = installed-compunits({$_ ~~ /Test\:\:.*/});

    for @modules -> $module {
      say $module;



Gets a list of all installed compunits from the repositories(optional filter can be passed to show a subset of the installed compunits). Note that at the moment this only searches in repositories of type CompUnit::Repository::Installation, as these are the only ones which provide a quick meta to search for installed modules. If you install anything through panda install it should show up in the list. Once there is a good way to search through other repositories I will implement it here.

Returns a lazy list of Pair(s) with compunits as key and a Seq of its provides as the value.

use CompUnit::Search;

my @compUnits = search-compunits(* ~~ /JSON\:\:.*/); # Whatever code as a parameter to filter the compunits by name
                                                     # You may also use a block with one parameter(compunit name)
                                                     # instead for filtering purposes.

for @compUnits -> $compUnit {
  say $compUnit;


JSON::Unmarshal => (JSON::Unmarshal)
JSON::Marshal => (JSON::Marshal)
JSON::Tiny => (JSON::Tiny JSON::Tiny::Actions JSON::Tiny::Grammar)
JSON::Pretty => (JSON::Pretty)
JSON::Class => (JSON::Class)
JSON::Infer => (JSON::Infer)
JSON::RPC => (JSON::RPC::Server X::JSON::RPC JSON::RPC::Client)
JSON::Name => (JSON::Name)
JSON::Fast => (JSON::Fast)


Gets a list of provides and the compunits that provide them. This function filters based on the provides' name. Provide can be a package, class, role, module, grammar etc. as specified in the Meta file for the compunit. Returns a lazy list of Pair(s) with a provide as the key and the compunit that provides that provide as the value.

use CompUnit::Search;

my @compUnits = search-provides(* ~~ /JSON\:\:.*/);

for @compUnits -> $compUnit {
  say $compUnit;


JSON::Unmarshal => JSON::Unmarshal
JSON::Marshal => JSON::Marshal
JSON::Tiny => JSON::Tiny
JSON::Tiny::Actions => JSON::Tiny
JSON::Tiny::Grammar => JSON::Tiny
JSON::Pretty => JSON::Pretty
JSON::Class => JSON::Class
JSON::Infer => JSON::Infer
JSON::RPC::Server => JSON::RPC
JSON::RPC::Client => JSON::RPC
JSON::Name => JSON::Name
JSON::Fast => JSON::Fast


Compilation Units


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Shantanu Bhadoria


This software is copyright (c) 2016 by Shantanu Bhadoria.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 6 programming language system itself.