MuseScore plugin to mark note pitch as numbers on every staff
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#Pitch Hint

##Introduction This is a plugin for MuseScore V1.2. It marks note pitch as numbers (1, 2, 3, ..., 7) on every staff except piano parts to make it easier to read scores for beginners. The pitch numbers are relative to the key signature of the score. For example, F is marked as 1 if the key is F major, but will be marked as 4 if the key is C major.


  • if there're multiple voices in one staff, only the first voice will be marked
  • only the top and bottom notes in a chord will be marked

##Plan MuseScore 2.0, which is under development, will adopt a new plugin system. This plugin will be ported for the new version once it's been released.

Enjoy your music!

  1. How to install a plugin:
  2. MuseScore plugin reference: