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Circ2Traits: association of circular RNAs with diseases and traits
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Public datasets from the database Circ2Traits (

  1. all_disease_set.txt : The common miRNA, target mRNAs target lncRNAs and circular RNAs are separated by tab. The set of mRNA lncRNAs or circular RNAs are separated among themselves by semicolon. The conserved mRNA targets of miRNAs are predicted by Targetscan.
  2. circRNA_info_all.txt: Download the informations about circular RNA candidates (circular RNA candidates are collected from Memczak et al, 2013) along with variations, Ago interaction sites and GWAS marker SNPs stored in a tab separated file.
  3. gwascatalog.txt: Download the GWAS catalogue collected from NHGRI


Suman Ghosal, Shaoli Das, Rituparno Sen, Piyali Basak, Jayprokas Chakrabarti: Circ2Traits: A comprehensive database for circular RNA potentially associated with disease and traits. Frontiers in Genetics 12/2013; 4:283. DOI:10.3389/fgene.2013.00283

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