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Open Hardware desktop CNC machine.
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Shapeoko v1i

Goal: ShapeOko's goal is to design and build a fully open source (open hardware) 3 axis CNC machine that anyone can build for about $300. We're doing everything possible to design an easy to assembly, fully capable machine that will do it's part in both the open hardware and desktop manufacturing movements.

Folder Structure


Contains the source files for the PDf build instruction manual (quick start guide). The original document was created in Scribus 1.4.1 an open source Desktop Publishing app that is cross platform compatible. The placed images (PDF files) are all embedded in the document, but can be replaced with the PDF files found in the drawings_pdf folder under the root of the repository. Improvements are encouraged, please contact me for a merge request.


Individual pages of the PDF build instruction manual. These are used as targets from the wiki.


Contains informational documentation related to the project. This would include data sheets for purchased electrical components, Bill of Material Information, and an assortment of other miscelaneous documents. Please feel free to suggest more documents that are not currently included.


PDF exports of the original 2D drawing files. PDF is as universal format as any, publishing in this format will allow anyone to open and view the drawing files without having to install a specialty CAD program. PDF was chosen over DXF for the time being. Community generated DXF files from the original drawings files (drawings_idw) are welcome.


There is a non-annotated image at the top of each assiciated page of the wiki. Those images can be found in this directory.


Image files associated with the project. Logos, and standard views.


Complete zip files of upgrades for your machine. Currently this is limited to two (2) variations of the standard spindle mount.

This document in markdown format.


Image file referenced at the top of this document.

Complete Autodesk Inventor Project file for the Shapeoko CNC machine. All part (.ipt), presentation (.ipn), drawing (.idw), and assembly (.iam) files are included in this file. This is probably the place to start if you're looking to import the 3D model.

For more information:

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