Arthur is a Twitter Retweet Robot written in Perl
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Arthur - A Twitter Retweet Robot


  • Perl 5
  • cURL support


Arthur is free for personal and commercial use.

If you use it commercially use a donation of $25 is suggested. You can send donations here.

Arthur is licensed under a Open Source Initiative - BSD License license.


You need Perl and the following modules:

  • WWW::Curl::Easy;
  • JSON;
  • URI::Escape;

Open up and enter your username and password and the search term you want to retweet.

You can either put in a standard Perl modules folder or link to it in the file with something like:

use lib '/home/george/arthur/'; needs to be executable and in a folder that it can write to. writes a text file that stores the last tweet id so it knows where to retweet from the next time.


Arthur - A Twitter Retweet Robot


Arthur is a Twitter Retweet Robot written in Perl. It allows you to retweet terms and hash tags.


You can run Arthur from the command line like this:


Or you can put it in a cron job like this:

*/1 * * * * /home/george/bots/ee_bot/ > /dev/null

Arthur does not retweet retweets or retweet himself. That would lead to some kind of horrible infinite loop of retweets.