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[Website Name Here]

This is the README file for the [Website Name Here] Website
Folder structure

	The folder structure is set up for a Capistrano deployment process
	These are the config setting for capistrano deployment
	These are the public website files
	These are shared files that don't need to be held in version control
	or are upload folders for the CMS. 
	If you do not wish to use a Capistrano deployment process add 
	the folders in /shared to the /public folder and manage using standard FTP
Source Control Management

	SCM is via Git and is available at 


	The software used to power the site is ExpressionEngine
	Requirements are as follows:
	*  At least 10 MB of space
	* PHP version 4.1 or newer.
	* MySQL version 3.23.32 or newer.
	* PHP must have XML support.
	* Your server must have the following MySQL grant privileges (for tables): SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DROP, ALTER, CREATE
	* Your MySQL server must not be running in Strict mode.
Folder permissions

	The following folders need to be set to 666.
	* path.php
	* reshape/config.php
	* reshape/config_bak.php

	The following folders need to be set to 777.
	* images/avatars/uploads/
	* images/captchas/
	* images/member_photos/
	* images/pm_attachments/
	* images/signature_attachments/
	* images/uploads/
	* system/cache/
	* add any additional upload folders here...
Configuration settings

	ExpressionEngine holds a number of path settings in the MySQL database. 
	Log in to the admin area and set the URLs and Paths at the following locations.
	CP Home  ›  Admin  ›  System Preferences  ›  General Configuration 
	CP Home  ›  Admin  ›  Section Administration  ›  File Upload Preferences 
	CP Home  ›  Templates  ›  Template Preferences 
	Alternatively you can get the path from the General Configuration page and 
	run a system wide find and replace via the Find and Replace tool. This will
	also work if you need to change any URLs
	CP Home  ›  Admin  ›  Utilities  ›  Find and Replace 

	Documentation for ExpressionEngine is available here

	The ExpressionEngine license includes support for developers. Support requests
	should be made via the forum here:
	Searching the forums is also advisable to find help.