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Option Explicit
Global TweetFeed As Tweet
Private Sub MainText()
'setup in beginning
If Range("TweetOn") = True Then
Set TweetFeed = New Tweet
End If
'error messaging
On Error GoTo SendTweet
For i = 1 To 100
'call successive looping tweet
If Range("TweetOn") = True Then
TweetFeed.SendTweetAtTweetFreq "Model running succesfully at time " & Now()
End If
Next i
'send completion tweet
TweetFeed.SendTweet "Model complete!"
Exit Sub
TweetFeed.Tweet "Error!"
End Sub
Private Sub SetupTweet()
Set TweetFeed = New Tweet
TweetFeed.TweetDir = MakeDirString(Range("TweetDir")) ' "C:\Program Files\tweet"
TweetFeed.TweetEXE = Range("TweetEXE") ' "tweet.exe"
TweetFeed.TweetFrequency = Range("TweetFrequency") ' "00:00:15"
End Sub