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A minimal personal resume/blog/website, with admin controls that can also be used as a template to develop other websites and REST APIs.

Technologies and tools used in this project:

  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Pug
  • ExpressJS
  • Bootstrap 4

Build and Run

Project is build using NodeJS, MongoDB.

Install dependencies

  • Install NodeJS.
  • Install MongoDB.

Install Node packages

  • npm install express
  • npm install express-fileupload
  • npm install express-session
  • npm install mongodb
  • npm install pug
  • npm install passport
  • npm install passport-local

Initialize and seed the database (One time only)

NOTE: at some point in the future, this part should be automatically done or the database seed code should be in a script file.

  • Create a database in MongoDB called personal-website.
    • use personal-website.
  • Create a collection users and add a user:
    • db.users.insertOne({username:"admin", password: "123"}).
  • Create a collection content and add first page content:
    • db.content.insertOne({_id:'home', content :'enter some text...'}).
  • Create a collection categories:
    • db.categories.insertOne({name:'category name', desc: 'description of the category...'}).


  • Start NodeJS.
  • Start MongoDB.
    • On Linux: sudo service mongod start.
  • node app.js
  • Navigate to localhost:4000 in your browser.


You are welcome to contribute by:

  • Work on tasks here,
  • Creating issues / suggestions,
  • Creating Pull Request for:
    • bug fixes
    • new features
    • improvment
    • documentation
  • Reviewing Pull Requests,
  • Look for TODO tags in the code and complete them.