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Just a calendar to look at, for when you need to look at one.


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Just a Calendar.

This is a small app that'll generate and show a simple Calendar in the browser. Why?

  1. When I want to look at a Calendar, there's not a small light app that just shows me a Calendar, without a 100-odd engagement features.
  2. When sharing screen, or planning dates with my wife, I want to be able to just put a mark on a date or two, without having to login and stuff.

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Discussion on HackerNews.


  1. Simple, light, mostly greyscale.
  2. No signup/login. Yes, this is considered a feature.
  3. Go to any given date, and view it's Calendar.
  4. Mark dates, click to toggle, drag to mark/unmark multiple.
    1. Drag from one date to another, to get an estimate of the period between the dates. Hit Escape or right-click to cancel.
    2. Generate and copy URL with marked dates for sharing.
  5. Right click on any date to easily copy it in several formats.
  6. Optional week numbers.
  7. Weeks start on Monday or Sunday, configurable.
  8. View consecutive Calendars together.
  9. Works completely offline, and has PWA support.
  10. Print beautiful no-nonsense Calendars, with customizable layouts.


Not much. I consider this almost a finished software, and don't currently intend to add large and complicated features. But if it's small QoL improvements, or bugs, or even new related tools, they will be taken up when I find some bandwidth.

So, if you have any suggestions or bugs you faced, please let me know. Thanks!


MIT License.