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The shard catalog for shardbox
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This is the shard catalog for

This repository contains a list of categories and the shards in each category. For shardbox it provides both a taxonomy and a way to recognize new shards. The shardbox database is regularly synced with the definitions of this catalog.


Pull requests against this repo are welcome.

You can use this to announce new shards to


The catalog is contained in ./catalog forlder. It contains a .yml file for each category.

Every category the following properties:

  • name (string, required): Human-readable name of the category
  • slug (string, implicit): Computer-readable name of the category, implict from the file name
  • description (string, optional): Optional description
  • shards (sequence, required): List of shard entries

Each shard entry requires exactly one reference to the shards canonical repository. It is expressed as a mapping from a resolver to an url used for that resolver. For example github: shardbox/shardbox-core This is the same as defining dependencies in a shard.yml file (see specification). All resolvers supported by shards are supported, except for path (because it's not publicly resolvable).

Optional properties:

  • description (string, optional): Description of the shard
  • mirror (sequence, optional): A list of current repository mappings for the same shard
  • legacy (sequence, optional): A list of discontinued repository mappings for the same shard

mirror and legacy are a list of repository mappings pointing to alternate sources for this shard. mirror describes currently valid alternatives and legacy discontinued repo references.

The reason for these properties is that the same shard can be available from different sources and other shards can use these different repositories as dependencies (including historical releases). When different repositories reference the same shard, they should show up as one.


- github: kemalcr/kemal
  description: Lightning Fast, Super Simple web framework. Inspired by Sinatra
  - github: sdogruyol/kemal
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