Re-implementation of the Alfresco Share wiki using the document library
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Document Library Wiki Implementation for Share

This project provides an alternative implementation of the Alfresco Share wiki re-using the Document Library components.

The code was developed by Will Abson and Nathan McMinn at the Alfresco Developer Conference 2012 Hackathon.

To build and deploy the project into a local Tomcat instance for testing, use the Ant build script supplied.

ant hotcopy-tomcat-jar -Dtomcat.home=/opt/Alfresco/tomcat

Where tomcat.home is the location of your local Tomcat instance where the Share webapp share.war is deployed.

Repository changes

Add the Markdown mimetype to the built-in respository mimetypes in alfresco/mimetype/mimetype-map.xml.

     <!-- Markdown  -->
     <mimetype mimetype="text/x-markdown" display="Markdown">
        <extension default="true">md</extension>

To enable inline editing for Markdown content it is necessary to override the Spring bean evaluator.doclib.action.inlineEditMimetype.

<bean id="evaluator.doclib.action.inlineEditMimetype" parent="evaluator.doclib.action.isMimetype">
  <property name="mimetypes">