General Installation

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All Share Extras add-ons can be packaged in JAR or AMP file format when building from source.

If you are downloading binary releases of an add-on, you may find that only JAR files or only AMP files are available for some projects.

Troubleshooting JAR Installation Problems

The main cause of problems when installing JAR-file add-ons into Tomcat, using the instructions supplied, is that the shared/lib and shared/classes directories are not present in the Tomcat 6 and Tomcat 7 shared loader paths.

If you have installed Alfresco using the official installers then you should not have this problem as it will re-add those directories, but it is still worth checking that the loader is configured correctly.

To check that the shared class loader is configured correctly

  1. Locate Tomcat's configuration file conf/ in your installation

  2. Look for the line which begins with the text shared.loader=, ensuring it is not commented out (i.e. it should not start with a # symbol). It should look like the following

  3. If you do not see this line or if it is commented out, just add the line above at the end of the file and restart Tomcat so that the changes take effect

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