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0.7 -> 0.8 (in progress in the 0.8 branch)

0.8 is a much more minor release than 0.7 was. A lot of APIs are being revisited & cleaned up. Some features which exist in 0.7 are being removed from sharejs.

The plan:

  • Tests for everything
  • Example code
  • Queries will have docMode:'subscribe' removed. If you want to subscribe to query results, do it yourself.
  • bulkSubscribe / bulkFetch are being renamed 'subscribe' and 'fetch'. (I'm going to make those methods work with a list or something).
  • The REST API and middleware have been pulled out to share/rest and share/middleware respectively. ShareJS now only contains code to manage the streaming client/server API.
  • The subscription callback has been removed
  • Moved to browserify
  • Removed microevent. Doc, Connection and Query are nodejs EventEmitter objects now. (Thanks browserify!)

0.7 alpha -> 0.7.0

The API has frozen, and further API changes will be released in the 0.8 refactoring.

Fixed a longstanding bug with query subscriptions. The bug was triggered if you had an outstanding query with docMode:'sub', created a document in the client and then the document was edited immediately by middleware. This has been fixed by disabling docMode:sub and emulating it in the client.

Presence & cursors are implemented in sharejs, but they aren't supported in livedb yet.

Version 0.7 alpha

Its all new code That means, new bugs, new APIs across the whole stack. Watch a video with the new features.

  • Documents are now namespaced by collection
  • Create and delete are now document operations, and documents all implicitly exist at version 0. Generally your 'version 0 op' will create the document (which gives it a type). Subsequent ops edit the document.
  • Due to popular demand, documents can be created with data.
  • Types no longer guarantee that apply preserves the old document object. This is good for performance, but bad for lots of other reasons.

  • Type APIs have been redesigned. Call ctx = doc.createContext() for an editing context, then ctx.insert(), ctx.remove(), etc to edit the document via the context. Contexts route operations to each other correctly, so you can now have a document bound to multiple different elements on a page.

  • Text API 'delete' callback tells you the position and length, not the position and deleted text.
  • on 'remoteop' and on 'changed' document events have been replaced with on 'op'. It is called with (op, context). By default, context is truthy for local edits and false for remote edits.
  • Added an on 'before op' emitter to allow the inspection of snapshots before operations edit them.
  • You can't submit ops in the on 'op' callback. Do it in a on 'after op' callback.

  • Connections aren't assumed, and aren't provided by default. Check the examples.

  • The client no longer caches all operations its ever seen. This means you can't submit an op on the client at an old version - which was a feature I don't think anybody anywhere was using.

  • Microevent is no longer chainable (foo.on('hi', function(){}).on(…).emit('hi') ) in order to make it compatible with NodeJS's event emitter API.

  • Documents are editable before they have a snapshot. This allows you to create new documents and set their content without consulting the server.

  • Documents can submit operations to the server while unsubscribed. The document will be brought up to date as each operation is sent to the server.
  • Queries have been added. You can make a fetch query or a subscribed query. Fetch queries basically just forward a mongo (or whatever) query to the database. Subscribe queries re-poll as data is edited. Take a look at the list example, which is being fleshed out at project godbox.

  • All of ShareJS has been rewritten in javascript.

  • ShareJS's live backend has been moved to livedb. All the database bindings should move there.

Version 0.6.1 -> 0.6.2

  • Moved to MIT license
  • Fixed this binding and added once to microevent
  • Fixed bugs (@joshuapurcell)
  • Removed support. Stop using it.

Version 0.6.0 -> 0.6.1

  • Fixed some bugs (thanks @wmertens, @themgt, @rissem)

Version 0.5.0 -> 0.6.0

  • Added reconnect support for websockets and sockjs (thanks @dcolens)
  • Moved to ShellJS for build (Thanks @wmertens)
  • Etherpad support! (Thanks @jucovschi)
  • Fixed bugs in MySQL and redis backends (Thanks @livelily and @mluto)

Version 0.5.0pre -> 0.5.0

  • Added postgresql support (Thanks @nullobject, @collin, and anyone I'm forgetting)
  • Added authenticated redis database parameters (thanks @thegoleffect)
  • Rewrote the client connection code.
    • It now uses browserchannel.
    • Changed connection.on('connect') to connection.on('ok').
    • Added automatic reconnection and resyncing to the client code
    • New bugs!
    • By default listening URL is browserchannel's default of /channel instead of /sjs. I might change this back; I'm not sure.
  • The frontend is turned off by default
  • Changes to the wire protocol
    • Added duplicate op detection
    • Added auth message, which tells the client its session ID
  • Renamed Client to UserAgent
  • Renamed to agent.sessionId
  • Added optional field which you can use to tell everyone a client's id

Version 0.4.1 -> 0.5.0pre

Action required: The server and client APIs have changed. Errors are now passed as the first argument to all callbacks. This means:'hello', 'text', function(doc, error) {
  // ...

becomes'hello', 'text', function(error, doc) {
  // ...

This change also affects the (undocumented) server APIs. Update your code!

  • Renamed the 'listen' auth request to 'open'.
  • Put a caching layer around the database, which reduces the number of database queries by a factor of 3-4x.
  • CouchDB support! (Thanks @maxogden)
  • JSON OT has a nice new API! (Thanks @nornagon)
  • For consistency with nodejs, made all callback functions all pass an error as the first callback argument.
  • Swapped from tabs to spaces project-wide.
  • Removed the need to compile the server. The project now depends on coffeescript directly and is compiled when its require()'ed.
  • Ops are stored with now instead of using the socketio id
  • Added node-browserchannel support in the server
  • Rewrote the demo page
  • Giant refactor / rewrite of the server code
  • The model is now an event emitter. You can do model.on 'create', (docName) -> ... to initialize documents with data.
  • Added docs for the restful web frontend

Version 0.4.0 -> 0.4.1

  • Switched to from Closure to UglifyJS - Blog post
  • Removed remotePort from auth's client object. (Its not actually useful). I know this changes the api, I'm naughty.
  • Removed the junky comment header at the top of the compiled code
  • Fixed running sharejs-exampleserver from the command line after installing sharejs globally.
  • Added some missing tests (The people demand more tests!)
  • Swapped across to node-hat for generating IDs

Version 0.3.0 -> 0.4.0

Action required: Anyone using the JSON type must explicitly include <script src='share/json.js'/>

Action required: Manually specifying a hostname to connect to is now in the new style. See client docs for details.

Action required: The optional version parameter on doc.submitOp has been removed, because it really doesn't seem useful. File an issue if I'm wrong.

  • Improved support for sharejs types to live outside of the compiled code bundle.
  • The JSON type now compiles separately (to json.js). This has reduced the standard share.js client size significantly (14k -> 9.5k).
  • Renamed Document to Doc to avoid confusion with window.Document
  • Changed the textarea code to use the new text API.
  • ShareJS now uses 0.8 up from 0.6. Unfortunately, has lots of bugs related to connecting / disconnecting. If there are any more stable alternatives to, I'm happy to talk about moving.
  • ShareJS now supports User access control!
  • now behaves better when the connection has been disconnected, or is disconnected while the document is being opened.
  • REST options.delete has been removed in favor of specifying an authentication function.

Version 0.2.3 -> 0.3.0

Action required: Anyone using the ace editor should include <script src='share/ace.js'/> instead of <script src='share/share-ace.js'/>

  • Added support for type-specific APIs to be added to Document. Blog post
  • Added window.sharejs.version and require('share').version fields
  • Added more tests for the closure compiled code
  • Removed documentation in /docs (thats what the wiki is for)
  • Rewrote ace editor code to use new text API instead of generating ops directly
  • Updated to the most recent version of ace (Issue #21)
  • Renamed share-ace.js to ace.js. Code using the ace editor should be updated. share-ace.js is still there for now, but it will be removed in a subsequent version of ShareJS.
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