Codemirror bindings for ShareJS
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CodeMirror bindings for ShareJS >= 0.7.x.


var cm = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(elem);

That's it. You now have 2-way sync between your ShareJS and CodeMirror.

Install with Bower

bower install share-codemirror

Install with NPM

npm install share-codemirror

On Node.js you can mount the scriptsDir (where share-codemirror.js lives) as a static resource in your web server:

var shareCodeMirror = require('share-codemirror');
// This example uses express.

In the HTML:

<script src="/share-codemirror.js"></script>

Try it out

npm install
node examples/server.js
# in a couple of browsers...
open http://localhost:7007

Try clicking the infinite monkeys button. Do it in both browsers. Wait for poetry to appear.

Run tests

npm install
npm test

With test coverage:

node_modules/.bin/istanbul cover node_modules/.bin/_mocha -- -u exports
open coverage/lcov-report/index.html

Release process

npm outdated --depth 0 # See if you can upgrade something
  • Modify version in bower.json (not in package.json)
  • Update
  • Commit

Then run:

npm version `jq -r < bower.json .version`
npm publish
git push --tags

There is no bower publish - the existance of a git tag is enough.