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Shareaholic Content Meta Tags

If you would like, you can provide Shareaholic with more information about your content. This is done via Shareaholic Content Meta Tags. These meta tags are placed in the <head> of your webpage. You can also use a generic meta tag, an Open Graph tag (og:), Twitter tag (twitter:) or a Shareaholic-specific meta tag. The latter overrides the former in all cases.

Note: At some point, you may run your site through a W3C validator. All Shareaholic Meta Tags are officially registered with and should not return any warnings.

Tag Description Example
shareaholic:url The canonical URL for the webpage <meta name='shareaholic:url' content='' />
shareaholic:image The URL of the image that represents the webpage <meta name='shareaholic:image' content='' />
shareaholic:title The title that represents the webpage <meta name='shareaholic:title' content='3 Brand New Ways Your Business Can Use Pinterest' />
shareaholic:article_author_name The name of the author of the content of the webpage <meta name='shareaholic:article_author_name' content='Nicole Kohler' />
shareaholic:article_author An URL to the profile of the author of the content of the webpage <meta name='shareaholic:article_author' content='' />
shareaholic:keywords Keywords associated with the content of the webpage <meta name='shareaholic:keywords' content='business, guest post, marketing, nicole kohler, pinterest' /> You may also disambiguate or classify keywords into tags (tag:), categories (cat:) and type (type:). For example: <meta name='shareaholic:keywords' content='tag:a11y, tag:accessibility, tag:ada, tag:wcag, cat:product updates, type:post' />
shareaholic:language Language of the content of the webpage <meta name='shareaholic:language' content='en-US' />
shareaholic:article_published_time (ISO 8601) - Timestamp for when the content of the webpage was first published <meta name='shareaholic:article_published_time' content='2014-08-05T17:53:26+00:00' />
shareaholic:article_modified_time (ISO 8601) - Timestamp for when the content on the webpage was last modified <meta name='shareaholic:article_modified_time' content='2014-08-19T12:48:49+00:00' />
shareaholic:site_name The site name which should be displayed for the overall site <meta name='shareaholic:site_name' content='The Shareaholic Content Marketing Blog' />

Shareaholic Feature Meta Tags

Tag Description Example
shareaholic:site_id Your Shareaholic API Key / Site ID <meta name='shareaholic:site_id' content='ca08ce11cc98198581a18ece230ab4e2' />
shareaholic:article_visibility Exclude from Recommendation Engine <meta name='shareaholic:article_visibility' content='private' />
shareaholic:article_visibility Exclude from Recommendation Engine and all Analytics <meta name='shareaholic:article_visibility' content='draft' />
shareaholic:shareable_page Whether the webpage is shareable <meta name='shareaholic:shareable_page' content='true' />
shareaholic:outstreamads Disables Outstream Video Ads <meta name='shareaholic:outstreamads' content='disabled' />
shareaholic:drupal_version Shareaholic for Drupal module version (automatically added by module) <meta name='shareaholic:drupal_version' content='7.x-3.6' />
shareaholic:wp_version Shareaholic for WordPress plugin version (automatically added by plugin) <meta name='shareaholic:wp_version' content='' />