Chronulator firmware for AVR8 devices (e.g. Arduino)
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by ShareBrained Technology

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An analog panel meter clock implementation based on the Atmel AVR8 microcontroller.

Time is displayed via two analog meters, one for hours and one for minutes. The microcontroller keeps time via a 32.768kHz crystal, and controls the meter needles using pulse-width modulation of current sources.

The current sources are adjustable by variable resistors, and the time is set by momentary buttons.

A simple set of commands are supported via the AVR8 serial port. Meter needles can be controlled directly via commands, overriding the default time-based control. The brightness of two LEDs can be controlled by other commands.


See for hardware documentation.



  • Arduino IDE (to program the Chronulator firmware)
  • avrdude (to program the AVR8 bootloader)
  • avr-gcc (to compile and link the bootloader)
  • EAGLE 5.x (to edit the schematic or circuit board)


  • A Chronulator or Chronulator-compatible device.
  • A serial adaptor and/or an Atmel ISP programmer.


Before compiling and uploading this code in the Arduino IDE, please select "LilyPad Arduino w/ ATmega168" under the "Tools->Board" menu.


ShareBrained Technology, Inc.