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_ = require("underscore")
_users = [
{id: 1, username: "demo", password: "password"}
{id: 2, username: "john", password: "password"}
{id: 3, username: "linus", password: "password"}
module.exports = (app) ->
findUser: (criteria, callback) ->
conditions = for prop, val of criteria
(user) -> user[prop] is val
callback null, findObject(_users, criteria)
# Generic function for finding the first object in a list
# that matches each condition in a list of simple property/value criteria
findObject = (list, criteria) ->
conditions = for prop, val of criteria
(obj) -> obj[prop] is val
_.find list, (obj) ->
for cond in conditions
# As soon as a condition returns false we know this
# object isn't a match
if not cond(obj)