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passport = require('passport')
# Module which encapsulates security related aspects for the app.
module.exports = (app, dependencies) ->
# passport = dependencies.passport
# Configure Passport to use a local username/password strategy
localStrategy = require('passport-local')
passport.use 'local', new localStrategy.Strategy (username, password, done) ->
dependencies.repository.findUser {username}, (err, user) ->
return done(err) if err
return done(null, false, message: 'Unkown user') unless user?
if user.password isnt password
return done(null, false, message: "Invalid password")
done(null, user)
passport.serializeUser (user, done) ->
# Serialize the user by simply emitting their id
# Could also do a custom serialization of the entire user object
console.log "Serializing user #{}"
done null,
passport.deserializeUser (id, done) ->
console.log "Deserializing user #{id}"
# Deserialize the user by looking them up
dependencies.repository.findUser {id}, (err, user) ->
done err, user
registerMiddleware : (app) ->
app.use passport.initialize()
app.use passport.session()
app.use (req, res, next) ->
res.locals.user = req.user