SharedStreets (Python)
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SharedStreets (Python)

Python implementation of SharedStreets Reference System.


  1. Install from PyPI with Pip.

    pip install sharedstreets
  2. Try downloading a single tile to GeoJSON.

    sharedstreets-get-tile 16 10509 25324 > 16-10509-25324.geojson


  • Retrieve a tile and convert to GeoJSON in Python.

    import sharedstreets.tile
    tile = sharedstreets.tile.get_tile(16, 10508, 25324)
    geojson = sharedstreets.tile.make_geojson(tile)
  • Install optional webserver to serve GeoJSON tiles.

    pip install 'sharedstreets[webserver]'
  • Run a debug webserver and request a tile at /tile/16/10508/25324.geojson.

  • Run a production webserver under Gunicorn.

    gunicorn sharedstreets.webapp:app
  • Install optional Geopandas to use read tabular excerpts of SharedStreets data.

    pip install 'sharedstreets[dataframe]'
  • Read a small area of SharedStreets data into a pair of Geopandas dataframes.

    import sharedstreets.dataframe
    frames = sharedstreets.dataframe.get_bbox(-122.2820, 37.7946, -122.2480, 37.8133)
    geometries, intersections = frames.geometries, frames.intersections


Install for local development.

  1. Clone the SharedStreets-Python git repository and prepare a Python virtual environment running Python 3.

  2. Install the sharedstreets module, keeping it editable, and run test suite.

    pip install --editable .
    python test


Current .proto files can can be found at sharedstreets/sharedstreets-ref-system.

Install protoc and follow Python directions to regenerate sharedstreets/ if necessary:

protoc -I=sharedstreets-ref-system/proto/ \
    --python_out=sharedstreets/ \