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Would it not be nice if you had an alternative to Google's LVM for alternate app stores and even for Google Play Store if you cannot use LVM as LVM requires(almost) using your own server.

By using the GWSGarlic library you stop piracy in its tracks by using the fact that they do not have a hash of your self-signed key as only you and the app store you upload to do. ITS NOT A PERFECT SOLUTION.

However, it does in fact put one more road-block to de-compiling an apk and replacing assets and uploading to a different app store or the same app store as a new app.

I would like to thank the Japan Smartphone Security Association for their hard work on the Android Application Secure Design Secure Coding Guidebook.


I use jitpack to upload my libraries so you put this in your root buildscript:

allprojects {
        repositories {
            maven { url "" }

Than in the module buildscript:

compile 'com.github.shareme:GWSGarlic:{latest-release-number}@aar'

Target Android API Range

Api 16 to api 23.


Android Application Secure Design Secure Coding Guidebook by the JSSEC

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