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This directory contains Sharetribe documentation.

Advanced configuration

Guides about advanced configurations.

Using Amazon Simple Email Service with Simple Notification Service

This guide helps you to configure Amazon Simple Email Service to send emails and Simple Notification Service to receive bounce and spam notifications.

Landing page

This guide helps you to enable the landing page feature.

Landing page JSON structure

This document describes the landing page structure JSON format.

Configure Harmony service for availability management

This guide instructs how to configure your marketplace to use Harmony service for availability management.

Scheduled tasks

This guide shows what scheduled tasks are required to properly run Sharetribe in production.

Coding guidelines

Coding guidelines followed in this project.

Supported browsers

List of supported browsers.

UI testing guidelines

Guidelines for writing new UI tests.

SCSS coding guidelines

Documentation of SCSS coding guidelines and directory structure.

Technical documentation

Technical documentation of different components.

Delayed Job Priorities

List of commonly used Delayed Job priorities.

Feature flags

How to use feature flags in the code and how to enable/disable them.

Client-side routes

Documentation of how to use Rails routes in JavaScript code.

Client-side translations

Documentation of how to use translation in JavaScript code.

Method deprecator

How to deprecate old methods in the code.


This guide contains information how to run tests.

Testing without Rails

This guide shows how to write fast RSpec tests without requiring Rails environment

Upgrade Facebook SDK version

This guide shows how upgrade the Facebook SDK version


This document explains what is SessionContextStore, how and when to use it.

Using Fakepal

This guide shows how to use "Fakepal", which is a fake PayPal implementation that can be used for development purposes

Process documentation

Documentation of the development process.

How to handle Github issues

Documentation of the Github issue handling process followed by this project.

Semantic versioning

Documentation of how Sharetribe applies Semantic versioning.