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EAD2019 Leaderboard

@ead2019 team

Submission Styles


      - detection_bbox
      - generalization_bbox
      - semantic_masks
  • detection bbox/generalization bbox - VOC format in .txt

    <class_name> <confidence> <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2>

    example1: specularity 0.92 268 414 292 438 example2: artifact 0.98 219 182 243 207


    • If you have a YOLO format (.txt) please convert to VOC format
      • check our "scripts/"
  • semantic masks

    • .tif file with 5 channels

    <channel 1: Instrument> <channel 2: Specularity> <channel 3 Artefact> <channel 4: Bubbles> <channel 5: Saturation>

    • semantic bbox detection criteria has been removed. Now, the participants will be scored only on their semantic segmentation

Allowed Submissions

  • Case 1: only semantic is allowed
  • Case 2: Only detection is allowed
  • Case 3: All detection, generalization and semantic allowed
  • Case 4: Detection and semantic allowed Note: there is no detection for semantic now!
  • Case 5: Generalization only allowed with detection Note: Generalization alone is not accepted as we need to compute the score deviation)

Evaluation Scoring

  1. Endoscopic Artefact Detection

    • Final score: 0.6 * mAP + 0.4 * IOU
  2. Generalization of Artefact Detection

    • Deviation score per class above or below tolerance (+/-5%) will be reported

    Highest mAP with lowest deviation score will be declared winner of this sub-challenge*

    For example: Lets say tolerance is 10%, then if your algorithm in detection gives an mAP/class of 30% then your generalization should be with in the tolerance range, i.e., 27%<=mAP/class<=33%, in this scenario your deviation will be zero. However, anything below or above will be penalized. Lets say if your algorithm scores 25% on generalization data then your deviation will be 2% which will be reported.

  3. Semantic Segmentation

    • Final score: 0.75 * overlap + 0.25 * F2-score (Type-II error)