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A fundraising thermometer snippet for MODx Revolution
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ThermX Fundraising Thermometer Snippet

Author: Bob Ray Bob's Guides Date: 01/10/2011

Tutorial: Bob's Guides
Bugs and Requests: GitHub
Styling: assets/components/thermx/css/thermx.css

This snippet for MODx Revolution displays a fundraising thermometer and a text display of the amount raised so far.

Minimal Snippet Call

 [[!ThermX? &thermxProgress=`2500` &thermxMax=`7500`]]


&thermxProgress  -- Current amount raised  

&thermxMax       -- Fundraising goal  

&thermxFormat    -- [optional] format argument for  
                    money_format() function  
                    defauts to `%(#10n`.  

&thermxLocale    -- [optional] format argument for  
                    set_locale() function.  
                    defaults to 'en_US'  


 [[+thermx_progress]]    -- Put this where you want the  
                            current amount raised to appear.  

 [[+thermx_thermometer]] -- Put this where you want the  
                            thermometer to appear.  

Example Page Content

[[ThermX? &thermxProgress=`2500` &thermxMax=`7500`]]   

<p>Our progress so far: [[+thermx_progress]]</p>  

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