• Change the default configuration directory on macOS to ~/.config/bat, see #442 (@lavifb). If you are on macOS, you need to copy your configuration directory from the previous place (~/Library/Preferences/bat) to the new place (~/.config/bat).
  • Completely disabled the generation of shell completion files, see #372
  • Properly set arguments to less if PAGER environment variable contains something like less -F (which is missing the -R option), see #430 (@majecty)
  • Report the name of missing files, see #444 (@ufuji1984)
  • Don't start pager if file doesn't exist, see #387
  • Rename bat cache --init to bat cache --build, see #498
  • Move the --config-dir and --cache-dir options from bat cache to bat and hide them from the help text.


  • Blank line at the end of output when using --style=plain, see #379
  • EOF must be sent twice on stdin if no other input is sent, see #477 (@reidwagner)

New syntaxes


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