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@sharkdp sharkdp released this Aug 19, 2018 · 434 commits to master since this release


  • Added --line-range n:m option to print a range of lines, see #159 (@tskinn)
  • The syntax highlighting theme can now be controlled by the BAT_THEME environment variable, see README and #177 (@mandx)
  • The PAGER and BAT_PAGER environment variables can be used to control the pager that bat uses, see #158 and the new README section
  • Added syntax highlighting for Nix, see #180
  • Added syntax highlighting for AWK (Gert Hulselmans)


  • The customization of syntax sets and theme sets is now separated. Syntax definitions are now loaded in addition to the ones that are stored in the bat binary by default. Please refer to these new sections in the README: Adding new syntaxes, Adding new themes, also see #172
  • The color for the filename is now the default foreground color. The colors for the grid and the line numbers is now determined from the syntax highlighting theme, which now also works for light backgrounds, see #178.


  • Escape Sequences get partially stripped, see #182 (@eth-p)
  • Use separate Git repository for snapshot testing, see #165 and #161
  • Markdown breaking on JavaScript, see #183


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