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  • Added a -c, --cleanup <CMD> option to execute CMD after the completion of all benchmarking runs for a given command. This is useful if the commands to be benchmarked produce artifacts that need to be cleaned up. See #91 (@RalfJung and @colinwahl)
  • Add parameter values (for --parameter-scan benchmarks) to exported CSV and JSON files. See #131 (@bbannier)
  • Added AsciiDoc export option, see #137 (@5paceToast)
  • The relative speed is now part of the Markdown export, see #127 (@mathiasrw and @sharkdp).
  • The median run time is now exported via CSV and JSON, see #171 (@hosewiejacke and @sharkdp).


  • Hyperfine has been updated to Rust 2018 (@AnderEnder). The minimum supported Rust version is now 1.31.
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