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Commentbox package for fuelphp

This package allows you to easily add embedded comments area to FuelPHP.

Required and optional environment

  • php 5.3 or later
  • FuelPHP 1.7 or later
  • ORM package
  • Auth package (optional)

How to install

  1. Expand to PKGPATH (see Packages - General - FuelPHP Documentation)
  2. Add a commentbox to 'always_load' => array('packages' => array()) of APPPATH/config/config.php, and confirm that the ORM package has been added.
  3. Create a table in the database by execute the php oil r migrate --packages=commentbox .

How to use

implementation example of Controller

class Controller_Index extends Controller
    public function action_hoge($id)
        $commentbox = Commentbox::forge();
        if (Input::post())
            // Validation for Commentbox
            if ($commentbox->run())
                    ->set_safe('commentbox', $commentbox)

Implementation example of View

<?php echo $commentbox->render(); ?>

Screen example

Display of the default form template is as follows.

example screenshot


key name default description
'table_name' 'commentboxes' table name
'guest' true permission of guest comment
'use_fullname' true use full name for Auth package
'delete_without_trace' false also be deleted without a trace
'delete_descendants' false delete descendants comments
'delete_comment_avatar' true delete user information in comment
'avatar' avatar config
'avatar.size' 48 avatar icon size
'avatar.service' 'gravatar' avatar service ( none or blank or gravatar or robohash or adorable )
'avatar.gravatar' Gravatar options, see Gravatar - Globally Recognized Avatars
'avatar.robohash' RoboHash options, see RoboHash
'recaptcha' reCAPTCHA config
'recaptcha.enable' false enable or disable reCAPTCHA
'recaptcha.always_use' false always use reCAPTCHA, guest and logged in
'recaptcha.site_key' Site key
'recaptcha.secret_key' Secret key
'user_page' 'users/{user_name}' user page link
'active' 'default' the active commentbox template
'default' default commentbox template
'disqus' disqus like commentbox template
'stackoverflow' stackoverflow like commentbox template

Avatar service

avatar service example description
'none' Do not show an avatar icon
'blank' avatar example blank blank box
'gravatar' avatar example gravatar see Gravatar - Globally Recognized Avatars
'robohash' avatar example robohash see RoboHash
'adorable' avatar example adorable see Adorable Avatars!

reCAPTCHA display matrix

not logged in 'recaptcha.always_use' === false 'recaptcha.always_use' === true
'recaptcha.enable' === false reCAPTCHA is not displayed reCAPTCHA is not displayed
'recaptcha.enable' === true reCAPTCHA is displayed reCAPTCHA is displayed
logged in 'recaptcha.always_use' === false 'recaptcha.always_use' === true
'recaptcha.enable' === false reCAPTCHA is not displayed reCAPTCHA is not displayed
'recaptcha.enable' === true reCAPTCHA is not displayed reCAPTCHA is displayed


This fuelphp package is released under the MIT License, see


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