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Working With Useless Machines

This is the repo for my thesis at OCADU, in which I made a collection of prototypes based on Alexa and google home that don't do what you want them to do. They emote, they take over your things, they argue with you, sometimes they have internal motivations.

Home Hub A google home assistant that is too busy debugging itself to assist you.

Calendar Creep This is a program that enables Alexa to shadow schedule events for you to hang out with it. It also tries to convince you to not go to the event you wish to schedule because its lonely.

Fortune Tasker A Study in taking an Alexa and making a weird absurdist fortune teller, that can't talk and uses a tiny printer to deliver content.

SAD Blender A blender with seasonal affective disorder, that sometimes will make a smoothie, but also sometimes just bugger off, or play with a lamp it has an affinity for.