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boxcar-growl - Push notification to Boxcar for iPhone/iPad/Mac

Copyright(C) Sharl Morlaroll <>

* License - Perl/Artistic

* Installation

1. Join Boxcar (
2. Install Boxcar to device
3. Add Boxcar service "Growl"

4. Write to ~/.netrc

	login           EmailAddress
	password        Password

5. Let's try!

	$ boxcar-growl test "push to boxcar by boxcar-growl"
	$ echo foo bar | boxcar-growl qux
	$ boxcar-growl "from stdin"
	foo bar

	$ boxcar-growl sharl "puppet icon notification test." --icon
	$ BOXCAR_GROWL_ICON= boxcar-growl sharl "This is default icon setting."

	Standard icon size is 57x57.

* Troubleshooting

If you get the following error when running the script:

        "can't verify ssl peers without knowing which certificate authorities to trust"

Then you need to install and/or update your LWP::UserAgent and Mozilla::CA perl libraries[1]. You can do this as follows:

     $ sudo cpan
     install LWP::UserAgent Mozilla::CA

[1] See the following post for details:
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