Interactive linked visual query system for large datasets
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We propose an environment for visualizing and exploring multidimensional data. We propose methods to create a new search interface to the data as an alternate way to explore data, create dynamic dashboards that can be extended to support data exploration using Javascript libraries like crossfilter and dc.js. This method is extendible to support data from other remote archives.

Quick start guide

  • Install Node.js and NPM
  • npm install -g webpack
  • npm install -g forever ((Optional) recommended for production deployements)
  • npm install -g apidoc
  • Clone the repository
  • Run npm run-script build
  • Modify the files present in config to fit your needs:

    • dataSource.json
    • dataDescription.json
    • interactiveFilters.json
    • visualization.json
    • dashboard.json (For dashboard settings)
  • Run node app.js

  • Goto http://localhost:3000 from your favorite browser.

Read the User Guide for more details

Recommended production deployement

We recommend deploying Datascope with forever.js.

  • Install forever.js npm install forever -g
  • forever start app.js
  • forever ps gives a list of current instances running. You can get uptime, log details etc.


API Documentation

Head over to API Doc for documentation about Datascope's REST API.