Dataviz for Women's History Month 2018
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Women's History Month 2018: Visualising Women's History

For Women's History Month 2018 I plan to produce some visualisations of women's/gender history datasets. I'll primarily be using R, although I'll probably experiment with other tools along the way.

I'll blog about these experiments at Early Modern Notes and I'll post R code and underlying data here as I go along. The datavizes will be exploratory and won't necessarily be very sophisticated or original (or correct...), but I'll try to highlight different kinds of graph and what they can be used for.

(All data will be in the /data/ folder and this folder structure will be assumed in the code.)

There are likely to be two types of data:

  • focusing on women
  • comparison of women and men's experiences

Some of the datasets are likely to be closely related to my research interests and recent projects, but I hope to find new material from various sources.

Westminster Coroner's Inquests 1760-99


NB that the data is fully described here

Blog post

R Notebook

World Bank World Development Indicators


UKDS guide to the data

Blog post

R Notebook

Women's Auxiliary Army Corps

Source of data and TNA search query used to obtain raw data

Cleaned data used for analysis

Blog post

R Notebook

Women's Heights in the Digital Panopticon

Digital Panopticon website


Blog post

R Notebook

Middlesex Vagrants

Middlesex Vagrants dataset and documentation (CC BY)

See also Data article and Loose, idle and disorderly: vagrant removal in late eighteenth-century Middlesex

Blog post

R Notebook

Unless otherwise stated, all data is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence

License: CC BY-SA 4.0