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S#arp Architecture: ASP.NET MVC Best Practices with NHibernate
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We no longer support the use of the Visual Studio templates for installation of S#arp Architecture. With version 2.0, we have dropped support for Visual Studio 2008 altogether. To learn how to get a S#arp Architecture solution up and running, please go to


Downloads can always be found here:

Building S#arp Architecture

Perform the following command in GitBash:

$ git clone $ git submodule init $ git submodule update

Now you should have the latest development branch of SA 2.0 and submodules.

Now go to /Build and run the Build.cmd or BuildAndPackage.cmd files to build S#arp Architecture

Documentation and Assemblies

  • /Artefacts/Documentation/: Contains a link to comprehensive, online documentation at, and a diagram of what a S#arp Architecture project looks like.

  • /Drops//: Holds released SharpArch assemblies - it does not include the third party library's that are needed by S#arp Architecture. You must run the BuildAndPackage.cmd file first.

How's this release organized?

  • /Artefacts/: Contains various artefacts for the project.

  • /Build/: Contains the .cmd files needed to build the solution.

  • /Common/: Contains files shared among the projects.

  • /NugetTemplates/: Contains templates used for generating S#arp Architecture nuget packages.

  • /ReferencedAssemblies/: Contains all of the required 3rd party assemblies.

  • /Packages/: Contains the NuGet packages that S#arp Architecture depends on.

  • /License.txt: I'll let you guess what this is.

  • /Solutions/: This contains all of the source code in their various projects.

  • /VersionHistory.txt: Details version numbers of dependencies, changes since previous releases, upgrade details, and a roadmap of what's coming.

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