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SharpDX 3.0.0

This is the final release for the 3.0.0 version bringing some major new features and changes:

  • Add support for Direct3D12 to get the best of your graphics card (only compatible with Windows 10 10586)
  • Thanks to the work from the diet branch, SharpDX main assembly is a bit more lightweight.
  • We have simplified the distribution and packaging by supporting only 2 platforms and .NET versions:
    • Desktop with .NET 4.5
    • StoreApp with PCL .NET 4.5 valid for Windows 8.1+ and Windows Phone 8.1+ development
  • All Mathematics (Vector3, Vector4...) have been moved to a dedicated assembly. The reason behind this change is to put SharpDX on a diet, where higher level API (like Xenko, MonoGame...) are no longer forced to include this API. In order to support this, all SharpDX assemblies are now using interop types (RawVector3, RawVector4 from SharpDX.Mathematics.Interop namespace)
  • A new assembly SharpDX.Desktop that contains RenderForm, RenderLoop previously in SharpDX assembly
  • XInput and XAudio are now providing a backward compatible interface between the various versions. For Desktop, it means that the runtime will try to detect the correct versions for XInput (9.10, 1.3, 1.4) or XAudio (2.7 or 2.8). For Store Apps, the latest one will be used.

Assemblies are both available from a zip and from NuGet.
Note that distribution from NuGet should be now more stable and usable than previous versions due to the diet work.

We have also clean-up the API:

  • The DirectX June 2010 SDK is no longer supported. For example, methods like DX11 are no longer supported (e.g. Texture.FromFile...)
  • Direct3D10 API has been removed
  • The Toolkit is no longer supported and distributed
  • Direct3D9, DirectSound, DirectInput, RawInput have been frozen so that the code generated from SharpGen codegen from C++ is no longer running. It means that these APIs will no longer receive major changes and should be considered as deprecated.

Projects that are still requiring to use .NET 2.0 or .NET 4.0, or API like Direct3D10 will have to continue using SharpDX 2.6.3.

Building from the sources

In order to compile SharpDX from the sources, It requires to install the Windows SDK for Windows 10

How to use the samples

The samples are now part of a submodule of the SharpDX repository. In order to use the sample, you can download the SharpDX zip binaries and unzip the Bin directory so that it is at the same level than the Samples directory:

  • Bin\DesktopApp\SharpDX.dll...etc.
  • Samples\Desktop\...... etc.

Some scripts will be added later to simplify the setup of the samples.


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