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@xoofx xoofx released this Oct 19, 2016 · 48 commits to master since this release

Changelog between 3.0.2 and 3.1.0 version


  • Add info for building on VS 2015 to (changes)
  • Add info for building on VS 2015 Update 3 (changes)
  • Update (changes)
  • Update solution version to VS2015 (changes)


  • add lost CodeComments.xml file (changes)
  • fix OnMonitorChanged (changes)


  • update mapping for Direct2D (changes)
  • update mapping for DirectWrite (changes)



  • add support Device4 (changes)
  • Improve support Direct3D 11.3 (changes)
  • remove nameof operator (changes)
  • rename RaterizerState.cs => RasterizerState.cs. (changes)
  • Fix for null reference exception in DeviceContext.RasterizerStage (changes)


  • Simplify marshaling for PR #773 (issue #667) (changes)
  • Disable code generation for ID3D12RootSignatureDeserializer and RootSignatureDescription. Rely on manual marshaling instead. (changes)


  • change assembly description (changes)


  • add mapping DXGI_OVERLAY_SUPPORT_FLAG (changes)
  • fix mapping for StoreApp (changes)
  • FormatHelper public static method's convert to extensons (changes)
  • Improve to DXGI 1.5 (changes)



  • fix bug in Collision.ClosestPointPointTriangle() (changes)


  • Revert "remove" to keep around mapping.xml for MediaFoundation/DirectX (changes)
  • changes to add support for the SharpDX.MediaFoundation/DirectX code (changes)


  • Add missing method to create Target from Device (changes)


  • Add .editorconfig file. (changes)
  • Fix bug in #785 in DataStream (changes)
  • fix initialization of local blockAlign with default values. (changes)
  • Fix issue with signing assemblies from PR. Remove SharpDXSign config from and setup this from AppVeyor (changes)
  • Fix the missing arguments and broken test (changes)
  • Fix: Memory leak for D3D11 device when CreateWithSwapChain is used (changes)
  • Fixed #744 DeviceContext1.ClearView()'s 'color' parameter is of type 'float' when it should be a 'RawColor4'. (changes)
  • fixup locations of DirectX support inside SharpDX.MediaFoundation (changes)
  • GraphicsCommandList improvements and add better BeginEvent and SetMarker methods. (changes)
  • Improve Equals Size2, SizeF (changes)
  • Leak Device (changes)
  • Mapping improvements for ID3D11On12Device and Direct3D12 ResourceStates. (changes)
  • Modification of ReadFromSubresource API / ReadFromSubresourceの修正 (changes)
  • move to correct location (changes)
  • Moved the re-added DirectX source code, and the generated under 2.6.3 files into a Desktop only conditional, along with references to SharpDX.Mathematics and SharpDX.Direct3D9 (changes)
  • Output a markdown file for the git log (changes)
  • RawInputEventArgs (and thus also HidInputEventArgs, KeyboardInputEventArgs, and MouseInputEventArgs) now has a WindowHandle property that can be used to retrieve the handle of the window that received the raw input event. (changes)
  • remove (changes)
  • Replaced perspective view matrix calculation (changes)
  • ReSharper settings upgrade (changes)
  • SwapChain.Present and SwapChain1.Present now return their result codes so that the application can check whether the window is occluded. This should resolve #746. (changes)
  • The SharpDX commit b9f7519 causes the .NET Native compiler to crash. (changes)
  • Update CustomDevice.cs (changes)
  • Update MouseState.cs (changes)
  • Validate blockAlign can be cast to short (changes)



  • StringToHGlobalUni is not necessary since it is already the same layout as .NET strings, use "fixed" instead (changes)