Endgame for v0.5.0

Igor Rončević edited this page May 27, 2018 · 1 revision

A big "Thanks!" to all the Endgame runners of the Sharpen v0.5.0 :-) Your efforts in ensuring Sharpen's quality are presented in the table below.

Aside of contributing to the stability of the release, the Run produced some good input as well:

  • Robert Kurtanjek suggested that the "Use nameof expression in dependency property declarations" should also check for other dependency property registration methods like e.g RegisterReadOnly() and not only for Register().
  • Sriman Saswat Suvankar pointed out the performance issue when expanding result nodes with 10+ thousand subnodes. This is a known performance issue I decided to ignore so far. But obviously, performance will have to gain more importance in the future releases.
Runner Visual Studio .NET Smoke Tests Hibernate Own Project Trying it out
Andrej Matijević Community 2017 15.7.2+27703.2018 4.7.03056
Berislav Nižić Community 2017 15.4.3+27004.2008 4.7.03056
Robert Kurtanjek Enterprise 2017 15.7.1+27703.2000 4.6.01586
Sriman Saswat Suvankar Community 2017 15.4.4+27004.2009 4.7.02556
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