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A point-and-click action adventure game made for Github Game Off 2019
TypeScript JavaScript HTML
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The Gems

This is a game made for GithubGameOff 2019 - a web-based game using the Phaser 3 engine, Typescript, and Webpack. Play the game here.

Project Structure

All code goes in src/, all resources (images, music, etc.) go in resources/.

The game entry point is in src/main-game.ts.

Install Dependencies

This project uses Webpack and NodeJS to run a minimal webserver for hosting the game. First download and install NodeJS ( Then,

cd the-gems-game
npm i

Run / Debug

npm run dev

This will open a browser window and launch the game. You can now edit any of your files in src/ or resources/ and the game will automatically get rebuilt and the browser page will refresh. Pretty cool! You can debug and set break points in the Typescript source using the Developer Tab window in Chrome.

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