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##LabVIEW Donut Counter Ken Sharp, April 2016


###Summary This project is an example application for LabVIEW running on a BeagleBone Black. It reads a photocell sensor located inside a donut box to sense when the box is opened. Each time the donut box opens and closes a counter is decremented to indicate that a donut has been taken. The application also uses LabVIEW web services to serve a web page which displays the current donut count.

###Application Site Map http://:/ws/donut.html - main page http://:/ws/GetCount - web service to get current donut count in JSON format http://:/ws/SetCount - web service to set count (for instance when donuts are loaded in the box). Query string should be of the "count=5" to set the counter to 5.

###Circuit Diagram IMG

###License This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.