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Add version.sexp as static file

This ensures it is copied by bundle-op
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1 parent e16a82b commit f139ae12ed555134b3fe9e2c5bed5836939202ce @sionescu sionescu committed Jun 25, 2016
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@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@
:description "Number parsing library"
:license "BSD 3-Clause"
:version (:read-file-form "version.sexp")
- :components ((:file "parse-number"))
+ :components ((:static-file "version.sexp")
+ (:file "parse-number"))
:in-order-to ((asdf:test-op (asdf:load-op :parse-number-tests)))
:perform (asdf:test-op :after (op c)
(funcall (find-symbol (string '#:run-tests)

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