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Morning Dash is your day at a glance. See local weather, your commute, and calendar events all in one place.
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Morning Dash


Morning Dash is your day at a glance. See local weather, your commute, and calendar events all in one place.

Every morning many of us check the same things: the weather, the commute to work, and important calendar events. Why go to 3 places instead of 1.

Morning Dash is an app that lets you quickly glance at these things to get an overview of your day.


User Authentication:

  • User can sign up, sign in, and sign out
  • User can save personal settings for each other MVP.

User Signup (first login) settings (from home screen)

  • user signs up then can link their google calendar
  • Sign up form allows them to set up their home and work location
  • set up their daily commute (home, work, work-arrival, work-leave)


  • Use Google Directions API to set routes for commutes
  • Bonus: Set preferred routes/method of travel for every commute
  • Indicate if will rain during commute



  • Use DarkSky API to obtain weather
  • Display local weather in 2 hour increments



  • Use Google Calendar API to obtain user appointments
  • Display the next few hours of appointments listed in Google Calendar

Responsive mobile-friendly design

  • Utilizes 1000px width as a breakpoint to dynamically change from mobile to desktop view and vice versa.
  • Designed for mobile first and then scaled up to desktop to ensure good mobile experience.

Front end: React/Redux

  • Designed to be a single page app to show users information as quickly as possible.
  • React Portal/Context APIs used to create compound modal for reusability


  • Backend: MongoDB / Express /Node
  • Google Transit API
    • The Google Directions API we have a global limit of unlimited and a limit per minute of 5000
  • Weather
    • The DarkSkyAPI has 1000 calls per day for free.
  • Google Calendar
    • The Google Calendar API is similar to the Directions API.
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