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Edinburgh is a clean, beautiful, and responsive portfolio theme for the Hexo static site generator. View a demo of the theme here.

Screenshot of Edinburgh theme

Theme installation

From the root directory of your Hugo site, run the following command:

$ git clone themes/edinburgh

Then update your blog's main _config.yml to set the theme to edinburgh:


# Extensions
## Plugins:
## Themes:
theme: edinburgh

Theme configuration

Header menu

The menu is configured in your blog's _config.yml.

# Header
  About: /about
  Contact: /contact


The blog's favicon can be changed by replacing the theme's favicon image in /themes/edinburgh/source/favicon/favicon.ico.

Google Analytics tracking

The Google Analytics Tracking ID is configured in the theme's _config.yml.

# Google Analytics Tracking ID

Post configuration

For each post, specify additional information in the front matter.

Post title

Use the title to specify the text displayed as the heading for your post.

title: My Awesome Portfolio Piece

Post image

Each post on this theme requires a cover image. If no cover image is provided, a default cover image is used. Specify your own image like this.

cover_image: /images/portfolio.jpg


This theme was designed and created by Sharvari Desai.


If you have a question, feature request or a bug you need me to fix, please click here to file an issue.