Nanodegree Project: A multi-user restaurant manager tool
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A project from Udacity's Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree Program

Project Description

You will develop an application that provides a list of items within a variety of categories as well as provide a user registration and an authentication system. Registered users will have the ability to post, edit and delete their own items.

Getting Started

What You Might Need
  • Install Vagrant
  • Install VirtualBox
  • Clone the repo using git clone
Secret Keys

You need to obtain your own secret keys from Google API and Facebook Developer. A guide to obtaining a Google client ID can be viewed here. Once you register the app, you will be able to download the client secret JSON files required for the project. (Note: Udacity reviewers will be provided the necessary client IDs and secret keys under project submission notes)

Run the Project
  • Run the virtual environment
    • cd /path/to/FSND-Catalog-P5 into the repo
    • vagrant up && vagrant ssh to the Vagrant VM
    • cd /vagrant/FSND-Catalog-P5 into the project directory
  • Project Setup
    • python to create the database
    • python to fill in the database with mock data
    • python to run the project
  • Run The Project
    • Navigate to localhost:5000 to see it working!

API Overview

  • /api/restaurants/ to obtain a list of all restaurants
  • /api/restaurants/<int:restaurant_id>/menu/ to obtain the menu list of a particular restaurant
  • /api/restaurants/<int:restaurant_id>/menu/<int:menu_id> to obtain details about a particular menu item

Bugs / Future Improvements

  • Feature: Integrate Yelp API to include more robust restaurant data
  • Feature: Allow for multiple restaurant managers or roles (request access to edit/delete)
  • Bug: Google+ authentication throws JSON serializable error randomly