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""" - """
from protorpc import messages
class GenericForm(messages.Message):
"""Generic string message"""
message = messages.StringField(1, required=True)
class GameForm(messages.Message):
"""Returns game information"""
urlsafe_key = messages.StringField(1, required=True)
user_name = messages.StringField(2, required=True)
user_card = messages.StringField(3)
bot_card = messages.StringField(4)
user_card_count = messages.IntegerField(5, default=0)
bot_card_count = messages.IntegerField(6, default=0)
message = messages.StringField(7, required=True)
game_over = messages.BooleanField(8, required=True)
class UserGameForm(messages.Message):
"""Returns a list of games in play"""
user_name = messages.StringField(1, required=True)
activeGames = messages.StringField(2, repeated=True)
message = messages.StringField(3)
class UserStatsForm(messages.Message):
"""Object to store a User's game stats"""
user_name = messages.StringField(1)
wins = messages.IntegerField(2)
class UserRankingForm(messages.Message):
"""Returns a list of users ordered by number of wins"""
message = messages.StringField(1, required=True)
rankings = messages.MessageField(UserStatsForm, 2, repeated=True)
class GameRoundForm(messages.Message):
"""Object to store information about a round"""
user_card = messages.StringField(1, required=True)
bot_card = messages.StringField(2, required=True)
result = messages.StringField(3, required=True)
class GameHistoryForm(messages.Message):
"""Returns a history of rounds played"""
user_name = messages.StringField(1, required=True)
history = messages.MessageField(GameRoundForm, 2, repeated=True)