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#include "headers.h"
#include "CurlWrapper.h"
class FileHandle{
int FileId, MemoryUsed, NoOfTestCases, TestCaseId, TimeLimit, MemoryLimit;
float TimeUsed;
char systemString[100];
char status[10], logs[11000], detailstatus[10000];
char str[10000], *token, tmp[10];
char logString[100];
float TestCaseExecutionTime;
int TestCaseExecutionMemory;
char FileDirAddr[100], FileAddr[100], FileName[10], FullFileAddr[100], timeused[10], memoryused[10], fileid[10];
char command[1000];
const char* lang, *ProblemId;
string CompileOutput;
CurlWrapper FileCurl;
string ExecutionStr;
bool result;
FileInfoStruct* FileInfo;
FileHandle(FileInfoStruct* FileInfo);
int FetchFile();
int CheckMIME();
int MakeDir();
void Compile();
void pipeCompile();
int pipeNoOfTestCases();
int PrepareToExecute();
void PipeExecute();
void Execute();
void MatchOutput();
void pipeMatch();
void SendResults();
void CleanUp();
bool getResult();
void FileOperations();
void Action();
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