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Greyshade is a minimal, responsive theme for Octopress. Starting point forked from Slash

For demo, check out websites from the wiki

mobile view

mobile view

Desktop view


  1. Responsive design.
  2. Fancybox integration
  3. Gravatar support thanks to Zhigang Fang. Add your email id to _config.yml and your profile picture will appear in the left nav. If you don't want your email to be visible in the HTML code, you can provide the MD5 hashed value of your email as expected by Gravatar with an email_md5 entry in _config.yml
  4. support thanks to Nathan Shaughnessy


The only condition to use this theme for your octopress blog is that you have to set a different highlight color than the ones mentioned here. When you have chosen a highlight color, please add it to the wiki so that no one else uses it.

Highlight color: This color is used on a:hover, blockquotes etc. I'll be using it in more places so that blogs with different highlight colors look slightly different and maintain a bit of their uniqueness.


Assuming you have installed the default theme, type the code below in terminal.

$ git clone .themes/greyshade
$ echo "\$greyshade: color;" >> sass/custom/_colors.scss //Substitue 'color' with your highlight color
$ rake "install[greyshade]"
$ rake generate

For profile picture and description, just add the relevant details in _config.yml