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This plugin is intended for those of you who has >100 buddies in your buddy list. It provides quick buddy lookup, status switch, unread messages list and access to some Pidgin dialogs. In some sense it is similar to Miranda's QuickSearchMod plugin. It looks like:

#Installing QuickPurple

  • Get sources
  • Ensure dependencies. You need Pidgin and Gtk Hotkey installed.
  • Build QuickPurple: make
  • Install it (as root): make install

#Launching QuickPurple Press Ctrl+Alt+I to pop up its window and start typing a buddy name or status you want to switch to. Use arrows or Ctrl+j and Ctrl+k to move up and down. Press enter to activate the status or open a conversation. Also the same way you may open some Pidgin dialogs.

#QuickPurple on Windows Unfortunately, currently I have no Windows box to try to build it on Windows, so everybody who would like to help is welcome!