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The shasta PropTypes inherit from React PropTypes as well as react-immutable-proptypes to add support for immutable validators.


// ...
import { PropTypes, Component } from 'shasta'

export default class View extends Component {
  // ...
  static proptypes = {
    online: PropTypes.bool,
    users: PropTypes.listOf(
        name: PropTypes.string.isRequired,
        id: PropTypes.string.isRequired
  // ...



PropTypes.list         // Immutable.List.isList          // Immutable.Map.isMap
PropTypes.orderedMap   // Immutable.OrderedMap.isOrderedMap
PropTypes.set          // Immutable.Set.isSet
PropTypes.orderedSet   // Immutable.OrderedSet.isOrderedSet
PropTypes.stack        // Immutable.Stack.isStack
PropTypes.seq          // Immutable.Seq.isSeq
PropTypes.iterable     // Immutable.Iterable.isIterable
PropTypes.record       // instanceof Record
PropTypes.contains     // Immutable.Iterable.isIterable - contains(shape)
PropTypes.mapContains  // Immutable.Map.isMap - contains(shape)
  • PropTypes.listOf is based on React.PropTypes.array and is specific to Immutable.List.

  • PropTypes.mapOf is basically the same as listOf, but it is specific to Immutable.Map It will check that the prop is an Immutable.Map and that the values are of the specified type.

  • PropTypes.orderedMapOf is basically the same as listOf, but it is specific to Immutable.OrderedMap.

  • PropTypes.orderedSetOf is basically the same as listOf, but it is specific to Immutable.OrderedSet.

  • PropTypes.stackOf is basically the same as listOf, but it is specific to Immutable.Stack.

  • PropTypes.iterableOf is the generic form of listOf/mapOf. It is useful when there is no need to validate anything other than Immutable.js compatible (ie. Immutable.Iterable). Continue to use listOf and/or mapOf when you know the type.

  • PropTypes.recordOf is like contains, except it operates on Record properties.

// ...
aRecord: PropTypes.recordOf({
  keyA: PropTypes.string,
  keyB: PropTypes.list.isRequired
// ...

The two following validators cover the output of Immutable.fromJS on standard JSON data sources:

  • PropTypes.contains (formerly shape) is based on React.PropTypes.shape and will try to work with any Immutable.Iterable. In practice, I would recommend limiting this to Immutable.Map or Immutable.OrderedMap. However, it is possible to abuse contains to validate an array via Immutable.List. That said, please, just... don't.
// ...
aMap: PropTypes.contains({
  aList: PropTypes.contains({
    0: PropTypes.number,
    1: PropTypes.string,
    2: PropTypes.number.isRequired,
// ...
<SomeComponent aList={Immutable.fromJS({aList: [1, 'two', 3]})} />
  • PropTypes.mapContains is based on React.PropTypes.shape and will only work with Immutable.Map.
// ...
aMap: PropTypes.mapContains({
  aList: PropTypes.list.isRequired,
// ...
<SomeComponent aList={Immutable.fromJS({aList: [1, 2]})} />