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Core Ideals

  • Everything should be immutable
  • Everything should work easily and be simple to understand
  • Spend time building applications rather than wiring modules together

Our Implementation

  • Use ES6
  • Central store is completely immutable via Immutable.js
    • And PropTypes include Immutable.js types by default
  • Easy to understand objects instead of crazy functional composition
    • Before: createStore(combineReducers(reducers), {}, compose(applyMiddleware(middleware), devtools))
    • After: createStore({middleware: middleware, reducers: reducers, initialState: {}})
  • Bundle groups of middleware, enhancers, and reducers together as "plugins"
    • One line of code to add a router, logger, forms, etc. to your project
    • High quality ecosystem of modules guaranteed to work well with eachother
  • Namespaced/nested actions and reducers
    • todos.create as an action corresponds to a todos.create reducer and todos in the store
  • Default middleware
  • Dead simple Component API
    • Use ES6 classes (not using them is deprecated anyways)
    • Bring back sane behavior
      • defaultState to replace getInitialState
      • Bind component functions scope to class (like old react)
    • Never write mapDispatchToProps or mapStateToProps
      • Define data dependencies in storeProps
      • All actions provided pre-bound via this.actions