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Django Music Library is a Django CMS application for organizing music in an encyclopedic way, with respect to such information as music and lyrics authorship. While in modern music such information is commonly considered to be of low importance, and a simple "performer/album/title" scheme is widely used, we believe that for _true_ music it is as important as, for example, information about performers. This said, Django Music Library has a scheme with separate recording/music/poetry objects, being able to show, for example, a page about a person who is a poet with all the music set to his poems.

The initial goal ot this project is to enchance the website (KKRE stands for "Russian Estrade Red Book", ru:"Krasnaja Kniga Rossijskoj Еstrady"), which has a unique collection of rare Russian music, mostly from the Soviet era. Unfortunately, its technical foundations are very poor; in fact, it is just a set of manually written webpages with lots of mistakes and inconsistencies, no automatization, no search and other obvious problems. Apart from the CMS itself, our project develops service scripts which can analyze KKRE webpages and import people and music from them.