Kindle Weather Display based on Matthew Petroff's Kindle Weather Display code (includes original Petroff files)
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Modified Files
Original Files by Matthew Petroff

Kindle Weather Display

All original files were created by Matthew Petroff and can be found here: I've included a copy of his original files for reference but I highly recommend reading his blogpost on this process.

Sever files were modified by shatteredhaven. Tutorial and files can be found here: Leave a comment or send a tweet (@shatteredhaven) if you have any questions or concerns.

Folder Contents

Modified Files

The Raspberry Pi folder contains the files I customized to run the Kindle Weather Display with date/time display on a Raspberry Pi web server.

Raspberry Pi folder (contents to be placed on linux webserver)

  • weathercrontab - example of crontab job to run at 2 hour intervals
  • - modified version to add date and time calculations. NOTE: This file will need to be modified to reflect your proper latitude and longitude.
  • weather-script-output.png - PNG of latest weather data fetch
  • weather-script-output.svg - SVG of latest weather data fetch
  • weather-script-preprocess.svg - template for weather data. Includes place holder for date and time (called DATE_VALPLACE)

5 Days of the Week Defined (to replace files on linux webserver)

  • - modified to print each day of the week as opposed to Today, Tomorrow, etc
  • weather-script-preprocess.svg - modified to shift the current day's

Original Files By Matthew Petroff

These are the unmodified files by Matthew Petroff

Server Folder

  • - python script
  • - shell script to run python script, write to SVG and generate a PNG file
  • weather-script-output.svg - SVG with data written to it
  • weather-script-preprocess.svg - template SVG file

Kindle Folder

  • - to be placed in weather folder on Kindle (you must create this folder)
  • - to be placed in kite/ondrop folder (once created)
  • weather-image-error.png - to be placed in weather folder on Kindle